America: As an Arab American Narrator Views It

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America: As an Arab American Narrator Views It


Arab Americans
Immigrants-19th century-Arab
Immigration-19th century-Arab


The goal of the project is to create a digital record that documents the context surrounding the first wave of Arab immigrants who settled in America during the 19th century and became known later as Arab-Americans.


Interviewers: Madelaine Baker, Eric Branigin
Interviewee: Jackie Homsy-O'Keefe


Denison University


Fall 2020


Dr. Hanada Al-Masri, project director
Cheryl A Johnson, online presentation of the digital materials


Arab-American Project by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.



Collection Items

Jackie's Family History
The interviewee talks about her family's history as they migrated from one country to another.

Food and Celebrations
Jackie speaks about the traditional holidays that she experienced as a child. She talks about the traditional foods that her family would prepare.

Language and Culture
Jackie reflects on how her father's native language affected his way of communicating in English as well as how her Middle Eastern cultural identity is based in such things as traditional foods.

Religion and Politics
Jackie discusses the impact that religion had on her life. She speaks about the Melkite Church, which is related to the Greek Orthodox Church of Antioch and is mainly centered in Syria, Jordan, Israel and Palestine. She also speaks about her family's…

Lower Corner of the Homsy Family Tree
This image explains the origin of the Homsy surname.

Abouchar Family Migration History
This is an account of the migration of the Abouchar family

This Scalar project aims to depict the circumstances of Arab-Americans prior to the contemporary political climate.

This project undertook the construction of a testimonial narrative on the immigrant experience and through a series of four face-to-face interview sessions, the project captured, understood and documented the family life and history of Jackie Homsy…
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