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Gehan and Mohamed speak about the experiences when first arriving in the United States; Gehan speaks about what it is like being Arab-American and the effect that has on her dentist office; Mohamed speaks about the evolution of his goals; Mohamed…

Wafa and Munjid speak about the First Intifada and September 11, 2001. The interview was conducted in Pickerington, Ohio

Wafa speaks about her identify as a Palestinian-Arab-American. The interview was conducted in Pickerington, Ohio

Gehan and Mohamed explain why they came and then decided to remain in the United States. They discuss the differences between Egypt and the U.S. This interview took place in central Ohio

Munjid speaks about how he came to the United States and explains why his brother had not been able to visit Jordan for 15 years. The interview was conducted in Pickerington, Ohio

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Denison Students with Hinnawi family.jpg

Lubna describes her childhood years growing up in Sudan. She speaks about her professional life and about her volunteer work at the Noor Islamic Cultural Center, which centers around building relationships with the local community. This interview…
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