Interview with Wafa - Part 3 - October 7, 2018

Denison University
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00:00:00 - Identity Formation (Why does Wafa identify as a Palestinian-Arab-American?)

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Partial Transcript: Ah, like I said previously, because of the media here is blocking a lot of stuff about especially Palestine and the Israel conflict that’s going on there. Everytime or every chance I have to talk to somebody or to answer a question, I like to tell them I’m “Palestinian.” And I love for them to ask me questions.

Keywords: Palestine; Palestine and Israel; Palestine and Israel--Conflict

Subjects: Palestine

00:01:43 - Clearing up misconceptions

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Partial Transcript: Get on Youtube, on Facebook. Get connected with the Middle Eastern region and see exactly what’s going on, and hear. Hear and see what’s going on from both sides, you know what I mean.

Subjects: Palestine

00:11:35 - Wafa speaks about how she preserves her culture

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Partial Transcript: W: Like in my house, um, as you’ve seen it’s most traditional. I teach my kids since, I taught them since they were in KG, I taught them the language, I’m teaching them the religion, I’m teaching them the holy book.

Keywords: Palestinian culture

Subjects: Culture--Palestine

00:14:01 - Wafa speaks about her contributions to the Arab-American community

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Partial Transcript: W: Okay, for us as, um, as Arab, as an Arabic community here, first of all we encourage people especially through the Noor Islamic Center and ICC that we have, it’s like one of the main Islamic centers here in Columbus, Ohio, we got involved there. We do a lot of meetings with senators, with people from government, we invite them to the mosque, they get to meet us, we do encourage people around voting, we do put it post it on websites and even in the mosques we post flyers.

Keywords: Arab American Community; Central Ohio

00:19:54 - Wafa speaks about her good relationships with her American neighbors.

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Partial Transcript: I live, my whole neighborhood, I have no Muslim people here. All my neighborhood they’re American, all my neighbors, they’re American. None of them’s Arab, none of them’s Muslim, but I have perfect communication, perfect relationship with all of them.

Keywords: American neighbors

Subjects: Community relationships

00:24:45 - Conversation/Thanks 00:25:10 - Wafa on Palestinian-American identity

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Partial Transcript: A: I know some people identify as Arab-American and that you identify as Palestinian-American. What for you is the difference between being Palestinian-American and being Arab-American?

Keywords: Arab identity; Palestinian-American identity

Subjects: Palestinian Arabs--Ethnic identity