Interview with Wafa and Munjid - Part 1, October 7, 2018

Denison University
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00:00:00 - Project Logistics 00:00:35 - Wafa & Munjid’s educational backgrounds 00:02:19 - Project Logistics; Reaffirmation of Consent 00:03:46 - Immigration background Reasons for leaving Palestine 00:05:00 - First Intifada 00:07:23 - Munjid speaks about how he came to the United States.

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Partial Transcript: M: Ok, I came, I used to be in the Jordanian army, as I told you and I came for a visit and I went and applied for a tourist visa because I have two brothers in America and I liked to come for a visit because I haven’t seen my brother for about 15 years and he wasn’t able to come to Jordan. So I wanted to come and visit him. So I applied for a visa at the US embassy in Amman and they approved.

00:09:35 - Munjid explains why his brother had not been able to visit Jordan for 15 years.

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Partial Transcript: M: he didn’t get married nor did he finish any paperwork. He had social security and he drove like he has a driver’s license which means he did not need to get any extra documents. He was married, praise be to Allah, we did send him a bride from Jordan to marry and she too did not have any documents [he means citizenship documents] and they both stayed here without official documents for about 19 years since then until [Wafa points to a boy saying they are his mother and father.] the Bush era, when they [officials] told people that they should register in order to get their documentations and I don’t know! So poor him he [his brother] went to register himself but he was arrested there, imprisoned and deported after almost 19 years.

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