Interview with Gehan and Mohamed - Part 2, October 28, 2018

Denison University
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00:00:00 - Description of their experiences upon first arriving in the United States

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Partial Transcript: I came here on November 27, 1978 and I arrived in Chicago with $44 in my pocket. I didn’t even know where to go, I know I have relatives in Ohio here, and luckily a person helped me at the airport.

Keywords: America; American Arab Society; Arab American; Immigrant experience; Palestine; immigrants

Subjects: Immigrant experience

00:03:40 - Gehan speaks about what it is like being an Arab-American and reflects on how it was when she first came to the United States.

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Partial Transcript: Hanada: How did that knowing you’re Arab American, did that affect your business at all?
Gehan: I don’t think so. Like you know, people after they come and they get the kind of service that I offer for them, they’re very happy and they appreciate what I do and even where I come from.

Keywords: American Arab Society; Arab American women

Subjects: American Arab Society; Arab American women

00:05:33 - Mohamed speaks about how he met a variety of well-known people.

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Partial Transcript: M: That was back in probably, my beginning was of all those things back in ‘94, and that’s when I started getting involved in, you know, in the local governments and things like that. So, throughout the years from ‘94 through those days, and I’m still very active and I represent the community here, we have a very large community in Columbus. I represent to the community on multiple levels, in Washington and lots of times when they have the process and people come from overseas and I’m always invited and get my ticket to be invited.

Keywords: American Arab Society; Arab Americans; Arab-Americans of Central Ohio (Organization)

Subjects: Arab Americans

00:06:46 - Mohamed speaks about the evolution of his dream.

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Partial Transcript: M: Determination, when you’re determined. I am also a private pilot, I learned how to fly. I wanted to do too many things I wanted to do. I had so much energy and I never wasted my time. So any opportunity I was thinking about, I will do it.

Keywords: American Dream

00:09:10 - Mohamed speaks about his employees.

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Partial Transcript: We had too many different hires, local people some of our peoples who come in from overseas. We never made difference between them whether a person local and like, you know, born here, or whoever can do the job we’ll hire him and we treat them well, always I feel like, you know, I’m investing in that person the money I’m giving to him.

Keywords: Arab American business enterprises

Subjects: Arab American business enterprises

00:10:26 - Mohamed speaks about younger generations

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Partial Transcript: M: The time has changed. What we been through, you’ll never be through. I always try not to let my kids been through what I have been through. But, to be like your dad or a little bit better, take his advice.

00:11:41 - Mohamed and Gehan speak motivating their adult children.

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Partial Transcript: M: I lecture them probably twice a week and sometimes they hate me [laughs]

00:13:07 - Mohamed and Gehan share their final thoughts about aspects of their culture and homeland and what they would like Americans to know about their culture.

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Partial Transcript: M: I want the Americans to know that, as I said before, they did not have a clue how the people they were living there in third world countries, most of them I think people take for granted they’re living in heaven and how it compared to third world country.