Interview with Gehan and Mohamed - Part 1, October 28, 2018

Denison University
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00:00:00 - Project Logistics/Introductions

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Partial Transcript: OR: This is Olivia Reynolds interviewing Gehan and Mohamed on October 28, 2018 for the Denison University Oral History Digital Collection project on Arab Americans in Central Ohio. Gehan is going to talk about life in the U.S. as an Arab American.

Keywords: Permission to film

00:00:25 - What brought them to the United States

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Partial Transcript: G: Okay, I like life here as an Arab American in this country. I first came here in 1985. I was a student in dental school in Egypt, and then I came here. I had a relative here, my sister.

Segment Synopsis: Gehan & Mohamed explain why they came to the US.

Keywords: Coming to America

00:02:47 - Their reasons for remaining in the United States

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Partial Transcript: M: and I’m the same way. I always, when I was a young kid in school, it was my dream to come to America. It’s always been a dream to me.

Keywords: Arab immigrants; Coming to America

Subjects: Arab American families

00:03:48 - Gehan reflects on what she misses about Egypt

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Partial Transcript: I mean, Thank God, I am very lucky because there is nothing here that I cannot do that I used to do in Egypt. Just merely in like Ramadan, I miss Ramadan in Egypt.

00:04:35 - Mohamed answers the question about whether or not he misses something from Palestine.

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Partial Transcript: M: You know, it’s, life here is a little bit different because the social life is different. Back in Palestine, it's more of a social life than here; here, you work, you go to work everyday.

00:05:27 - We have two countries

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Partial Transcript: M: Palestine, it's in the heart, we will never forget our countries. Our countries, it’s great. We are part of it. We feel fortunate to have two countries, we came to this country and this is also is our country.

00:06:52 - The differences between Egypt or Palestine and America

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Partial Transcript: You know about that journalist [referring to Jamal Khashoggi] he said that, you know, that he expressed his opinion and we know what happened to him and this is a part of, you know, living in an Arab country you always worry about expressing your opinion and what is going to happen to you.

00:08:42 - Gehan speaks about social life differences between the cultures

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Partial Transcript: G: I guess like social life, I think it's really, I miss that. We try here, you know, but I think it's because of the distance between everything here and like the work hours, you don’t get to see people as much as you do over there.

00:11:52 - Political, social and cultural changes the couple has noticed as they travel back and forth.

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Partial Transcript: M: Palestine, whether in Palestine and Jordan. Things are changing. People now its the struggle to make the living, the life, the current situation over there it’s a little bit difficult.